What They Say


Diane Gale is a talented artist and created gifts for our retiring teachers. She enthusiastically joined us in the planning, coordination of the work. she is a master of details and knowledge of the art of ceramics, sculpting, glazing and firing She was very clear in articulating the process and steps to completion. She has a passion for her art!


The special mugs and tea set are so special and the recipients are thrilled with their gifts. Diane also coordinated with another artist to create a custom wooden tray to go with her work. We really appreicated the extra time she put into this project. We highly recommend Diane Gale for any special gifts or just visit her in the PT Gallery to see more of her beautiful work!

—Susan Hill-Doyle, Art Teacher, Blue Heron School, Port Townsend

I worked with Diane to design and make a set of dinner and salad plates to complement the interior colors of my home. I had seen Diane’s unique and beautiful wood ash firing technique in one of Port Townsend’s gallery and knew that that is what I wanted. I had been looking for something unique for almost a year. While it took some time to get the full set of plates made, I enjoyed working with Diane as we scheduled different firings. She was extremely sensitive and worked diligently to ensure that I was completely satisfied. I will look forward to working with Diane in the future if I decide to add to my collection.

—E. Chaney

My wife and I are ceramic teapot aficionados, or so we like to think. Our last, precious, wood fired teapot developed a small crack (our fault) and began to leak. Consequently we were searching for another perfect teapot (this has sometimes taken two years). For us this means; wood fired, beautiful and functional–32 oz. capacity at least, side handle, pours without dripping, top hole large enough for a hand to get inside to clean and a lid that will stay in place during pouring.


We met Diane at a gallery walk, and had a long and scintillating conversation about wood fired pottery and the necessary attributes of an aesthetic and practical teapot. We admired her pottery and she agreed to throw a pot to our specifications, no obligation. She threw and fired three. It was a difficult choice at first, but quickly Kerri and I both agreed on a beautiful new teapot.


I brew tea in ours every day. It is always a pleasure, it is absolutely gorgeous.

—Steve and Kerri Hartman, Port Townsend, WA