Wood Fired Tokoname Vase

Firing Method:  Wood fired, unglazed

Dimensions:   8″ tall x  4 3/4″ diameter x 5 1/4″ base

Price: USD $400

Status: Available

Reference ID: DG014

About the piece:  During my internship in Tokoname, Japan studying with National Treasures I saw thousands of pots, some of which were thousands of years old.  This vase evokes some of those traditions and feelings- rugged but softened by the drip, gouged at the base, but healed by the ash.  The red color is very unusual for a wood fired piece and results from being fired for 60 hours in an anagama and the drip marks are because it was directly under the side stoke hole of the kiln. This is a hazardous place as pieces of heavy wood fall directly on the piece, but if they survive, as this one did, they have the story of the firing to tell! The blue color of the drip is also rare.