Oyster Flask

Title: Oyster Flask

Firing Method:  Wood fired, unglazed

Dimensions: 7 3/4″ tall x 6″ wide at bottom x 3 ¾” deep at base, 3 ¾” wide at shoulder and

2″ deep at shoulder.

Price: USD $120

Status: Available

About the piece:  Traveling through the fields of California, seeing the weathered barns and grain silos and stories of whiskey drinking cowboys and farmers, I used this flask to evoke those landscape colors and textures. Instead of using clamshells to keep the flask from fusing to another piece, I used oyster shells, and the patterns that they left are part of this flask’s story. The green ash drip is quite beautiful, and the flask is glazed on the inside to hold your favorite beverage!

Reference ID: DG0