Ocean on Fire

Firing Method:  Wood fired, unglazed outside, Shino Glaze inside

Dimensions:   11″ Height, 4 1/2″  diameter at top ,  5″ diameter at base, 8″ wide at “belly”

Price:  $450

About this piece: This piece was fired for about 30 hours and was next to the firebox.   I used large clamshells found on beaches near me to hold the piece off the kiln floor. As the kiln reaches top temperature (over 2,450 degrees Farenheit), the clamshells leave their impression in the clay. The white marks on the vase are part of the clamshell which didn’t totally dissolve in the firing.  The gray parts are called carbon trapping, which occurs when the fire is desperate for oxygen and it takes it from the clay body and the clay body replaces that oxygen with the smoke inside the kiln.  The pattern on this vase reflects the flame path. As you turn the vase around, it tells the story of how it was fired.

Status:  Available

Reference ID: DG-Ocean-Fire