3 Wood Fired Bottles with Stoppers

Firing method: Wood fired


Bottle 1- Total height with stopper, 18” x 3 5/8” diameter. Stopper is 3” tall.

Bottle 2- Total height with stopper, 16” x 3 1/2” diameter. Stopper is 3” tall.

Bottle 3- Total height with stopper, 12 1/2” x 3 5/8” diameter. Stopper is 2 ¼” tall.

Price: US$ 600 set of 3

About these bottles: These bottles were fired for about 45 hours next to firebox.  I hand made the clay to be more receptive to the atmospheric effects inside the kiln.  The lighter parts of the bottles are where the wadding separates one piece from another.  The orange and red colors are where the flame “flashed” the surface.  The gray parts are called carbon trapping, which occurs when the fire is desperate for oxygen and it takes it from the clay body and the clay body replaces that oxygen with the smoke inside the kiln.  The glassy surface and drips and crystals are from the molten wood ash that gets so hot, it forms these different colors and textures!  For me, the surfaces are a palette for the wood firing to share its colors and wonders!

Status: Available

Reference ID: DG