(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is your pottery “foodsafe”?

Absolutely. I do not use any clay or glazes with chemicals like lead or barium that are hazardous to your health!

Can I microwave your pottery?


Is your pottery “ovenproof”?

All my pottery can be put in a cold oven and heated to be warmed, say 200 degrees Farenheit, but they are NOT made to be put into a hot oven and baked in. This requires a special kind of clay.

Can I put your pieces in the dishwasher?

All of the pieces — except the Winter Trees series — can be put in a dishwasher.

Is woodfiring the same as Raku?

No. Very briefly, Raku is a process that takes about 2 hours to heat up a kiln to about 1800 degrees Farenheit and then while the pieces are still hot, they are plunged into organic material to cool. Woodfiring takes at least 24 hours and usually a team of people to continually stoke a wood fire kiln with wood to hotter and hotter temperatures (usually at least 2345 degrees Farenheit) and the pieces in the kiln get marked by the flame path and ash gets deposited on the pieces. Most woodfirings take anywhere from 1 ½ days to 5 days.

How Do I Buy Something From the Site?

  1. First, just fill out the contact form here and let me know which piece or pieces you would like to buy.
  2. I will confirm the price of the piece and any packing or shipping costs, and
  3. You can pay for it in three convenient ways:
    I can email you an invoice from Square or Paypal so you can pay by credit card, orI can move the piece to my Etsy site and you can check out and pay via Etsy, oryou can mail me a check!

Easy Peasy!

Do you accept commissions?

Yes! Much of the work I do is custom work. We discuss by phone or email (or in person if possible) the purpose of the piece, finished dimensions, glaze, quantity and time frame. Pricing is related to all of the above variables.